Hopeful Imagination
Encouraging Churches Seeking God's Direction in a Changing World

About Us

Mike Queen

Mike is the Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC and serves as a consultant with the Center for Healthy Churches

"For twenty-five years it was my great privilege to serve as pastor of First Baptist Church (a CBF Church) in Wilmington, NC. Having grown up in West Virginia, I was nurtured in my faith by my parents and grandparents and in ABC congregations in Wayne and Huntington, WV. I spent the first ten years of my professional life in the supermarket business before going to seminary. My wife of 45 years, Bobbie, and I have two children and four grand-children (I have pictures if you want to see them.)

"To say that I have loved my life in ministry would not fully capture the blessing it has been for my family and me. The great staff colleagues with whom I have worked, the mentors who have shaped me and the courageous lay people who have taught me how to live are the true heroes in my life. But it is God who has blessed our work and ministry every step along the way. Now that I am retired from full time responsibilities, I want to find ways to encourage church leaders and congregations as they seek out God’s future for their churches. I really do believe ‘the best is yet to be!’"

Jayne Davis

Jayne is a church and clergy coach with CBFNC and with Dawnings.  She is also a coach and consultant with the Center for Healthy Churches.

"In my life there have only been three things that I've told God I would never do - join a Baptist church (long story), work in a local church, and focus on Christian education.  Did I introduce myself?  Yes, I'm the Minister of Spiritual Formation at First Baptist Church in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Never tell God what you will never do.  I have always found God to have a sense of humor.  How else does a girl from the Bronx end up being a Baptist preacher in the South?

"Beyond spending time with my husband, Wes, and our four children, there are few things I enjoy more than watching individuals or groups discerning God's Spirit 'bubbling up,' connecting the dots of what God might be up to, and then following that vision.  God is at work in our churches and in our people.  He continues to lead us into a future, with hope.  Sometimes we just need to help one another to see with new eyes and to pay attention to what is already happening around us.  That is the beauty to me of Hopeful Imagination - encouraging one another along the way."

Jim Everette

Jim works with churches as they dream and plan for their future.  He is the author of
"A Heritage of Hope: A History of the First Baptist Church of Wilmington, NC."

"I joined the staff of First Baptist Church Wilmington, NC in July, 1990 and serve as the Associate Pastor.  A native of Fayetteville, NC, I have been married to my beautiful wife Lisa for thirty years and have been blessed with a son, Jonathan, and daughter, Megan. Our favorite places to relax, read and reflect are our back porch, walks along the riverfront, a nearby farm and the North Carolina High Country. Invitations from my children to join them for lunch or a sporting event are one of the things that I consider a high honor and compliment. I find that time with special friends, fall tailgating in Chapel Hill, and attending basketball and baseball games at UNCW empowers my spirit and that quiet walks, time on the fishing bank and hours of reading the Bible and praying provides me the peace and quiet to listen for the still voice of God that nourishes my soul."


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