Hopeful Imagination
Encouraging Churches Seeking God's Direction in a Changing World

How We Can Help

Hopeful Imagination is a ministry of encouragement; it's about helping you to create space for both hope and imagination by reengaging your church's unique story, seeing how God is at work among you and around you, and drawing ideas and inspiration from other churches.  

Hopeful Imagination is about figuring out "What's Next?" for your congregation or your ministry.  Whether your church is healthy or unhealthy, growing or declining, you need to answer that question.

We are glad to be a part of that process.  Whether that is

  • Determining if your team is ready to move forward

or helping you to map out that course with assistance in

  • Strategic Planning
  • Visioning
  • Coaching, or
  • Long-range Planning

we would like to walk along side of you in that process.

Contact us for more information.

 "Hopeful Imagination"
In April 2014, Nurturing Faith, Inc. released, "Hopeful Imagination."  Telling the stories of the wonderful things that God was about in the life of First Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC, the book offers lessons that we learned along the way about creating room for God to move in us and among us and through our congregations.

Each chapter offers coaching questions for you and your church to find yourselves in the story and to discern how God might be prompting you to move into God's future with Hope and Imagination.

Congregations and leaders often use coaches to help them to move from where they are to where they want to be.  One on one and group coaching can help leaders and churches to bring focus to their agenda, gain discernment around where God is leading them, and take concrete steps to move into that future.

For obtain additional details about coaching or to engage a coach,
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